About me

 That's me!  Being all dramatic like...

That's me!  Being all dramatic like...

In 2010 I had the good fortune to visit Seoul, South Korea along with a number of other journalists.  Up until that point photography had just been a nifty way to revisit moments but not really something I had thought of as art.  It was while I was there seeing all the amazing sites and fascinating people that I had the epiphany (perhaps a slightly dramatic word) that I wanted to learn how to be MUCH better at capturing what I saw.

My preference is to create artwork rather than just simple photos which comes from a having done a lot of artwork when younger.  A great photo will tell a story, capture a moment, convey a feeling, illicit a response and most importantly connect with the viewer.

Anyone interested in connecting with me, it's best to email me at darren@dareimageworks.com or call/text me at 289-385-1101.  If you want to collaborate on a project, let's chat about it. 

What's it like to work with me?  Well, I'm extremely easy-going and patient and love to chat about...pretty much everything! 

Got a question?  Fire away!  Always happy to chat.