Looking for models


I'm currently looking to work with models to add to my portfolio.  Looking to do dramatic, interesting photos with all types of people.  This is not a paid gig but if you are interested in doing a shoot I will provide images you are welcome to use for your portfolio.  

If interested please email me at darren@dareimageworks.com or call/taxt 289-385-1101.

Dramatic photos

Why in the world is this part of my portfolio here!? 

I recently took this photo while testing out a couple lighting setups in my basement. My intention was a normally lit headshot without the drama but after checking some of the images I had taken I decided make the pose a bit more...fitting for the month. (Halloween, yo!)


Once I got the image into my editing software I enhanced the shadows, changed colour cast and did a few other things to give it this look. I kinda like the gamer or movie feel it has.  


Now, I realize the image is a bit incongruous for a site that is meant for the usual type of portraits but my point in adding it was that we can really do a wide variety of looks with portraits. If you want to do something different from the everyday shot then let's plan it out together!  Send me a message using the contact page and let me know what you have in mind. Let's create the kind of portrait that you can enjoy the rest of your life; something to hang on your wall and show to your family now and for decades to come.